Sharp Microwave Oven R-728, High Quality Food

Sharp microwave oven r-728, is one of the most discussed electronic equipment machines lately. As is the case with microwave specifications in general, this product from Sharp has a door design made of glass material, which functions to heat food that is heated so it doesn’t overcook or burn. The advantage of this food warmer is that it is specially designed to be child-friendly, so it won’t harm them because when in use this machine can be locked automatically.

Sharp Microwave Oven R-728, High Quality Food Warmer

Superior Features of Sharp Microwave Oven R-728, Contemporary Electronic Devices

This Sharp Microwave has a luxurious and elegant design that makes the kitchen look prettier and more modern. As a consideration, to match the theme you use in choosing a kitchen interior, this microwave is available in 3 color choices, namely gray, black, and white. Not only that, there are various advantages that you can get when choosing this type of microwave as an everyday kitchen electronic device. Check out his narrative below.


This product has a total weight of approx. 15.1 kg. The dimensions of the microwave itself are 579x460x362 mm. These dimensions and weight are relatively safe and slim enough. So they can be placed anywhere, and do not require a special room.

You can use this product for the process of heating food, with a capacity of up to 25 liters. There are 11 power levels in it, able to adjust the level of warmth to the duration of time which is equip with an automatic time setting. In addition, you can also use it as a tool for defrosting various types of frozen food. This Sharp microwave R-728 has a power capacity of up to 900 watts, so it can work optimally.


To be able to get this complete Sharp microwave unit, you have to spend around Rp. 1.2 million. At this price, you will enjoy a series of advantages, as well as make the cooking process in the kitchen easier and more simple and efficient.

Elegant Design, and Has Various Security Features

As explained earlier, this type of microwave is quite slim, with a simple elegant look design with a choice of various colors. Not only that, this device is also safe for children because of the Child lock mode which allows the door to be lock automatically when we are using it.

On the front, the LCD screen on this microwave allows you to know exactly the condition of the food that is being warm. So you can monitor it from the start until you feel the food has finish heating. Not only that, the touch buttons are elegantly available, able to add a glamorous impression to this device.

So, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the Sharp microwave oven r-728 to help meet the needs of electronic devices in your kitchen. With the various specifications offered, it will certainly make the cooking process more comfortable and flexible.