Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper, The Best Blender for Your

The Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper, often recognized as a blender, is an ideal appliance for those who appreciate the art of meat preparation. With its exceptional versatility, this remarkable chopper caters to a wide range of culinary tasks. From effortlessly making fresh juices to achieving smooth and consistent purees, this appliance can even tackle the challenge of grinding and chopping meat with ease. With the CH-200 in your kitchen, you have the power to explore a world of culinary possibilities.

Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper, The Best Blender for Your Kitchen

Effortless Cooking with the Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper, A Kitchen Must-Have

In today’s fast-paced world, we all crave convenience and efficiency, especially when it comes to our daily cooking routines. The CH-200 is a remarkable kitchen appliance that aims to simplify your meal preparation process. From blending to grinding and chopping, this versatile tool is a game-changer in any culinary setting.

Brand Overview

Mitochiba, a subsidiary of the reputable Mito brand, has gained a strong reputation for producing high-quality kitchen and household appliances. With a focus on meeting the needs of modern households, Mitochiba ensures that its products are not only reliable but also durable and easy to use. The CH-200 Food Chopper is no exception, offering a combination of functionality, convenience, and affordability.


The Food Chopper, often referred to as a “blender,” goes beyond the traditional blender functions. This powerful chopper takes on the role of a meat grinder, enabling you to create delicious ground meat for your favorite recipes. But its capabilities don’t stop there. With this magical chopper, you can also whip up fresh and healthy juices, puree ingredients to perfection, and finely chop various foods.

Powered by a 300-watt motor, the CH-200 delivers reliable performance and efficient results. Whether you’re grinding tough cuts of meat or blending delicate fruits and vegetables, this appliance can handle it all with ease. The Mega Power 3 Blade Blender, with its six razor-sharp cutting edges, ensures smooth and consistent results every time.

The Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper is designed with user-friendly features that enhance its functionality. Its stainless steel motor body not only adds durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The appliance offers two-speed settings and a pulse function, allowing you to customize the texture and consistency of your creations. From coarse to fine, the choice is yours.


This versatile chopper comes in two separate containers: a large and a small one. The large container features three robust stainless steel blades, incorporating anti-slip technology for stability during operation. With this container, you can effortlessly process larger quantities of ingredients. The small container, on the other hand, comes with two sharp blades designed for quick and precise chopping, making it perfect for smaller tasks.

Using the CH-200 is a breeze, even for busy individuals with limited time. Its efficient operation ensures that you can prepare meals in a matter of seconds, allowing you to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Additionally, the detachable blade and chopping mechanism make cleaning a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort.

Price Estimation

The CH-200 Chopper is not only a convenient and reliable kitchen companion, but it is also an affordable one. Priced at just IDR 639,000, it offers excellent value for money, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Upgrade your culinary experience with the Mitochiba CH-200 Food Chopper and unlock a world of possibilities in your kitchen. From effortless meat grinding to creating delicious juices and perfectly pureed ingredients, this chopper will revolutionize the way you cook. Embrace convenience, efficiency, and exceptional performance with the CH-200, a must-have for every aspiring chef and home cook.