Mito Digifry Go AF2, A Must Have Kitchen Equipment

Mito Digifry Go A 2 is a new product that was released in 2021. Air Fryer is a kitchen equipment that must be available so that the facilities are more complete. The kitchen is a room in the house that is used for cooking activities.

For this reason, the completeness of the equipment must have reliable quality. Because of reliable quality, it makes cooking activities faster without any problems. One of these kitchen tools is the air fryer. Maybe for some people, this one kitchen tool is underestimated. In fact, its existence is very important, especially in today’s era.

Therefore, many manufacturers are competing to launch air fryer products, especially from Mito. The product is given the name Digifry Go AF2. The price of this digital air fryer is very cheap, but the quality is good.

Mito Digifry Go AF2, A Must Have Kitchen Equipment

Mito Digifry Go AF2 High-Quality Digital Air Fryer

The air fryer product from Mito Digifry Go AF2 will definitely make your home cooking activities easier. Because Mitto is an electronics manufacturer which is not half-hearted in making products equipped with new technology according to the times.

Where this air fryer features a more contemporary design. So that way, it looks more modern and not old school. Where can make the impression of a more lively and cheerful kitchen?

You can use this kitchen tool to make various foods such as French fries, fried chicken, shrimp, steak, pizza, and many more.

So with just one tool, it is very multipurpose. For this reason, the kitchen is more space efficient and does not need a lot of other equipment. The size of this air fryer is not too heavy and the length is not that big either. Because of that, why many people prefer to use this product from Mito.

Advantages by Digifry Go AF2 From Mito

Many advantages can be felt when using Digifry Go AF2. One of them is that you can warm up cold food, so this Mito product isn’t just for cooking, right?

Furthermore, you can also feel the saving of electricity. This is because the Mito type AF2 digital air fryer only drains low power, namely 150-800 watts.

Superior Specifications Digifry Go AF2

Digifry Go AF2 comes with a 3-liter capacity with a heating temperature of 200°C. This air fryer is also equipped with 4 layers of granite coating and a larger touch screen.

More interestingly, this air fryer has an automatic 30/60 minute time setting. The dimensions of the Digifry Go AF2 give it a length of 23 x 25 x 31 cm and a weight of 4 kg.

Mito Digifry Go A 2 is your easy solution for making food in a short time. In addition to making various foods, the air fryer is also a contemporary modern kitchen tool.