Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood, Quality Kitchen Suction Equipment

Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood is a must-have kitchen equipment. Cooking is a fun activity and is liked by many people. For that, the kitchen must have complete equipment facilities.

One of the pieces of equipment that must be there is a cooker hood. The cooker hood itself is air circulation becomes smoother and the air is fresher. Because when cooking in the kitchen, air circulation is the most important aspect that must be considered.

Do not let the smoke from cooking on the stove cannot get out of the kitchen. Thus making it difficult for you to breathe. If your kitchen doesn’t have a window that can regulate air circulation, you can use a cooker hood. A cooker hood is a smoke filter that can keep the air fresh in your kitchen.

Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood, Quality Kitchen Suction Equipment

About Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood Must Have Kitchen Equipment

Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood is the official kitchen appliance from Modena. Surely you are already familiar with the Modena brand. Because these kitchen equipment manufacturers make products with reliable quality.

Where these qualities make performance more performant. So with the appearance of the Modena Cooker Hood, it can suck up the dirty air in the kitchen. For that, the kitchen is fresher and doesn’t smell like your cooking smoke. Modena Cooker Hood comes with a slim and thin model.

Comes With A Slim Body

The body is made of metal with acrylic and acrylic panels. The black support gives an elegant impression in the kitchen. Equipped with push button control and 3-speed levels, as well as additional white lights.

A cooker hood from Modena not only makes you feel more comfortable cooking. However, it also ensures that air circulation in the kitchen remains smooth.

For this cooker hood from Modena to last longer, you have to do regular maintenance. One of the parts that must be treated is the grease filter. It’s very easy, just remove the grease filter, then clean it regularly. So that the suction device remains good.

Modena PX 7001 General Specifications

For general specifications, the Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood comes with a length of 700 mm, a width of 520 mm, and a height of 80 mm. The features of this cooker hood are 3-speed filters and a push-button control system.

Apart from that, it comes equipped with an airflow of 400 M3/H, 1 motor 1 x 100 watts, and 1 lamp 1 x 40 watts. The price of the Modena PX 7001 is only affordable, which is under one million. You can buy cooker hood products from Modena online or at your nearest electronics store.

Modena PX 7001 Cooker Hood is the best solution for your kitchen so that the facilities are more complete. So that way, you can do cooking activities more comfortably and safely with air circulation that is not stuffy.