Complete the Kitchen With Philips Food Processor, The Best

The Philips Food Processor is a food processor that is now a must-have kitchen appliance. Of course, to make the kitchen more comfortable, it must be equipped with good equipment.

For this reason, you as a housewife must choose a quality food processor. So with good quality, it also lasts a long time.

One of the best-selling food processor products is the launch from Philips. Of course, you don’t need to doubt Philips products anymore. Because they make their electronic products with love and quality materials.

Therefore, many are interested in it. For the price itself, it is traded at a low price. Even though it’s cheap, the performance of the food processor isn’t fake.

Complete the Kitchen With Philips Food Processor, The Best Choice

Philips Food Processor Choices For Your Kitchen

There are many recommendations for Philips food processors that you can buy and use. This good processor from Philips will help you when cooking to make eggs or soup.

But you should also know that the type of food processor that Philips makes also has differences. So each type will be equipped with its own features and performance. Here are some types of choices for you.

1. Philips HR7754/01

Philips HR7754/01 is a food processor that has fast performance compared to other food processors. Because this food processor is equipped with a smart control feature. You can choose the best setting for each meal processing function.

The power provided by this type is 800 watts with a bowl capacity of 2.5 liters. Interestingly, there is a stainless steel knife to break, stir, mix, and grind ingredients. Meanwhile, a 1.5-liter blender glass can be used to process fruit.

2. Philips HR7627/00

For those of you who like to make bakeries, Philips HR7627/00 is the right choice. You can also make drinks with Philips HR7627/00.

This food processor comes with 650 watts of power, where this food processor offers adjustable speed. Present with a large capacity bowl of up to 2.1 liters, you can produce 5 portions at once in just one process.

3. Philips HR 7640/80

This food processor has 7 kinds of complementary accessories to do up to 40 food processing functions faster. These components are in the form of a stainless knife, blender glass, a tool for kneading, a finely grated spatula, and an emulsifier disc.

Even more sophisticated, this food processor is equipped with a micro store. So you can easily store all the supporting accessories in the bowl. This food processor generates 450 watts of electric power. So it saves time, saves electricity, and saves space.

3 choices of Philips Food Processor will give the impression of a more complete kitchen, so when doing activities in the kitchen it’s easier to solve in just a short amount of time. Food will be of higher quality and hygienic when served with the family.