Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan for Ultra-Fine Shredding Results

Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan is the right choice for those of you who need smart and versatile equipment as household equipment. Tefal presents a number of blender products with the best specifications on the market that deserve to be an option.

You can use it to do many things, such as making smoothies, and other cold drinks. It even makes it easy for you to quickly make sauces or crush other food ingredients.

Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan for Ultra-Fine Shredding Results

Use of Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan

This machine has a powerful 1600w motor that can crush ice and other hard foods with ease. Each purchase also comes with a recipe book full of unique and exciting new ideas.

When using it, you have to turn the tube or cup of the blender to the right until it makes a ‘click’ sound. This blender product complements Tefal’s existing range of liquidizers and blenders.

However, what makes this blender stand out is its dual-jug design, with a second personal blender jug for on-the-go smoothies as well as general food preparation.

Similar to the Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-IQ BN800UK blender, this blender has a stylish learning base unit where you can easily switch between multi-use and personal blender modes.


In terms of design, this blender comes with a 2-liter holding cup and a 600ml personal jar. To operate, there are five presets with different commands or tasks.

Coming with a height specification of 45 cm and a weight of 7.68 kg, Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan is not the smallest blender you can get. The body is strong enough and the slim shape makes it worthy of being a complement to your kitchen table.

The appearance of the finish is luxurious and easy to maintain. It comes with attractive black and gray color accents.

There is also a two-liter capacity Tritan plastic container that is unbreakable, making it ideal for pureeing smoothies, pasta sauces, and soups. There’s even a 600 ml container to hold your pre-made drinks.

Technology and Settings

This Tefal blender is equipped with high-quality Powelix Life Blade technology and a 1600W engine motor. According to Tefal, this technology is able to produce up to 40x more crushing results than ordinary blenders.

As for the settings themselves, Tefal Infiny Mix Tritana is quite easy to operate although the multi-serving container does not lock into place. However, it can be neatly mounted on the top so it still feels safe for you to use.

In addition, it also has easy navigation on the controlled display with five preset buttons that make it possible to perform tasks such as making smoothies with a default time of 60 seconds, crushing ice in about 40 seconds, and preparing sorbet in less than one minute and 10 seconds. There is a ‘clean’ setting that makes it easy to remove any leftover ingredients around the blade easily and quickly.

This Tefal Infiny Mix Tritan makes it very easy for you to produce really fine food ingredients with a quality knife. In addition, this product also has very easy maintenance after use.