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Miyako PSG-607 is a rice cooker with a brown Tuntrum batik patterned exterior that makes it look more attractive and elegant. This batik accent is very suitable to complement your kitchen to be more beautiful and aesthetic.

In addition to its unique and striking design, this rice cooker also offers many multifunctional features that can save your kitchen space. Because with just one device, you can already do many cooking activities such as steaming or warming.

Miyako PSG-607

Miyako PSG-607 Specifications

This product, which is a rice and noodle cooker, comes with a unique and eccentric design. Carrying a design with the concept of batik truntum, this product will certainly add to the beauty of your kitchen.

This minimalist rice cooker product will only use about 300 watts of power. This will certainly be very suitable for those of you who are saving expenses from daily electricity use.

Miyako completes this rice cooker product with a non-stick coating on the inner pot. Even that part is also made of scratch-resistant material, making it easier for you to maintain.

Capacity and Materials that Complement

This product offers a cooking capacity of 0.63 liters and a water cooking capacity of 1.85 liters. Quite capable to facilitate the cooking of daily food ingredients, especially for boarding house children.

There are also three heating elements at the top, bottom, and center that allow the perfect level of maturity of food ingredients and warm longer.

Reasons to Choose Miyako PSG-607

First, of course, because the use of electric power is fairly more efficient than other products in its class. The system will also automatically switch down to warm mode when the ingredients are cooked just like other rice cooker products.

The next reason is that, with several superior offerings, this rice cooker still has an affordable marketing price. So it is very suitable for those of you who want to save money.

It has the same specifications as most rice cookers in general. This PSG-6O7 has complete cooking and warming features.

The bowl capacity is 0.63 L, which of course will be very suitable for those of you who live alone as boarders or a small family.

The use of a heating element or heating system at the bottom makes PSG-6O7 able to produce an even level of maturity in your food ingredients. This rice cooker also allows you to cook packaged noodles more easily and practically.

The presence of Miyako PSG-607 is the right alternative for a small family or those of you who are boarding house children. Because with just one product you can get aesthetic and multipurpose functions. You can use it to cook rice, noodles, water, and so on while not exceeding the product’s capabilities.