Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven 18L

Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven 18L comes as one of the best series. Creating various baked menus or baking needs is easier. Because you can use a reliable electric oven. You just need to put the ingredients in the tool. Then set the temperature until the time you specify. You can freely create many types of grilled dishes every day. One of the products that come with various advantages is Ravelle.

Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven 18L

Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven 18L The Trusted Choice

This product from Ravelle is one of the best series with Korean Style. This oven makes your kitchen look more aesthetic. Available in 2 color choices namely lilac lavender and cotton white. To add an aesthetic impression, this product has beautiful heat-resistant wooden buttons and handles.

This tool supports ease of setting. The dimensions of this product are around 20.7 x 22 x 29.5 cm and the inner size is 25.4 x 27.2 x 32.3 cm. Cubic Electric Oven 18L is more concise but has a relatively large capacity. This product is suitable for pans up to 20 cm in size. In addition, there is a tempered glass door that makes monitoring the cooking process easier and easier to use.

Large Capacity

In terms of capacity, this oven has a capacity of up to 18 liters. The capacity of the oven is relatively large and allows you more freedom to bake many menus. Not only grilling, but this product makes it easy to bake, cook, and warm food.

By using this product, you can create delicious menus. Starting from chicken, cakes, bread, dried fruit, pizza, and so on. Not getting bored with the same menu, cooking is more practical and the results are more delicious. No need to worry, this oven has a reliable performance in creating different menus.

Support Perfect Maturity

This 18L Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven comes with a choice of temperatures ranging from 100 to 230 degrees Celsius. The choice is more complete to present a more perfect maturity. You can choose the texture and maturity of the food according to individual tastes.

For time settings you can set up to 60 minutes of use. Although reliable, this oven is classified as low watts with a consumption of around 700 watts. If you are interested in owning it, this Electric Oven product is priced at Rp1,857,000.

At this point, you don’t hesitate if you want to have the best choice of oven. You can get a reliable electric oven at a low price. You can even check through the official store right now. Baking various menus becomes more fun with the Ravelle Cubic Electric Oven 18L. Oven products that have reliable performance and aesthetic design.