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HOKO By MIISOO 12L Electric Oven makes it easy to create a variety of delicious dishes. Currently, the existence of complete cooking utensils can make the cooking process easier. For that, there is one cooking tool that makes it easier for you to create menus, namely an electric oven.

HOKO By MIISOO 12L Electric Oven

HOKO By MIISOO 12L Electric Oven Becomes the Best Product

This one kitchen appliance is specifically designed to make baking various types of menus easier. The roast method that is owned allows the cooking process to be much healthier. Because, to be minimal use of oil. That way, the menu that you will make is much more delicious, healthy and varied. It can even prepare different food dishes every day.

Large Capacity

This Electric Oven includes a quality electric oven and is suitable for creating menus in small kitchens. In addition, you can create dishes in several portions at once. The size of this oven is small but has a lot of capacity. HOKO By MIISOO presents a capacity of 12 liters. Making it easier to cook various types of food ingredients such as chicken, meat to various desserts such as cakes.

In addition, this electric oven can make it easier to fry food with a little oil. Certainly it will support healthier dishes with more even maturity on all sides. You can save money on buying oil.

Supports Even Maturity

To support even maturity, this HOKO By MIISOO 12L Electric Oven has top and bottom heating elements. Perfect processing of various sides to produce a delicious taste and a more appetizing appearance. This 12L Electric Oven has a stainless steel tube heater to make it last longer.

This electric oven is also equipped with a temperature control button with a minimum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius. So you only need to turn the temperature button to set the temperature you want. You can choose the level of doneness and texture of the dish according to the ingredients or level of doneness. For that, the dish becomes much more delicious.

This oven has a timer so that the cooking process will be easier and more effective with this function. For the baking process, it would be better to set a timer with a maximum time of 60 minutes.

To work, this 12L Electric Oven requires a power consumption of around 650 watts with a voltage of 220v~50HZ. This 12L Electric Oven has a body made of quality stainless steel material. Of course it will be more durable and not easily dented.

This HOKO By MIISOO 12L Electric Oven is the right choice with 2 color choices and prices around IDR 500 thousand. You can create various menus and minimal use of oil.