Digital Rice Cooker

Digital Rice Cooker SMC 8027 is a product that you can rely on to cook quickly and evenly. This rice cooker product has evolved to keep up with the times and is getting easier for us to use. There are many advantages that you can get if you use this rice cooker for daily activities. You can use it to cook rice, steam, and warm it easily.

Yong Ma always provides electronic products that will provide benefits for you. Therefore, this time we will provide information about one of its products.

Digital Rice Cooker

Specifications of the Digital Rice Cooker SMC 8027

Rice is the staple food of Indonesian citizens, Since ancient times rice has always been a staple food for generations. Eating without rice tastes less satisfying, that’s why every home has a rice cooker to cook rice.

As time goes by, you don’t need to cook rice using wood anymore. You can cook rice quickly without having to watch it all the time. Besides that, you can do other activities while waiting for the rice to cook.

Given this increasingly advanced era, the rice cooker is also an electronic device that is also experiencing development. One of them is the Digital Rice Cooker SMC 8027 which we will discuss. In this regard, we will provide information about this rice cooker. Therefore, if you can read so you can know how many advantages and advantages of this product.


  • There are several advantages that you can get by using this rice cooker.
  • You can use it to cook rice, warm it, and also steam it.
  • Has a capacity of 2 liters
  • Stainless body
  • Auto clean function
  • Can be used to cook sushi rice and fried rice
  • Have a resume when a power outage occurs
  • Can be used for 14 cooking menus
  • You can use the preset function when cooking 24 hours
  • The inner pot cover can be easily removed and washed
  • It has a one-touch function, cook and warm with one button
  • There is an auto-clean function to clean bacteria
  • Inner pot eco ceramic, which is good for health 1.5t inner pot can warm longer and keep the rice tasting delicious

Specifications of the SMC 8027 Digital Rice Cooker

  • Weight 7 kg
  • Black, red, and brown colors
  • Capacity up to 2 liters can be used for 11 people
  • Power consumption is 400w when cooking and 70-80w for heating

This product can facilitate your activities while at home or the boarding house. Because by using this new product, you can enjoy the various advantages and features it has. Digital Rice Cooker SMC 8027 is the right choice for those of you who want to live a more practical life. Rice cooking activities can now be done quickly and easily. You don’t need to be afraid of smelly rice anymore when you use this tool.