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Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer is a kitchen tool that has the function of frying various types of food. Surely the kitchen is not complete if you don’t have one of these tools in your kitchen. Even though it’s trivial and not everyone has it, deep fryer kitchen equipment has its history in cooking food. The food you have cooked using a deep fryer will be tastier and cleaner.

On the other hand, how to use this kitchen equipment is quite easy. However, also pay attention to cleanliness. Make sure, if you clean it, you use good dishwashing soap that doesn’t contain chemicals. So that the design of this frying pan looks good and is durable. Don’t forget, you have to wash it slowly.

Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer

Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer, Quality Frying Pan

OX-99FS Deep Fryer is a frying pan from the manufacturer Oxone. Surely you are already familiar with the Oxone manufacturer, which has made many products, both kitchen and electronic equipment, carrying the latest technology.

Because they don’t want to be left behind, Oxone itself launched a kitchen appliance called a deep fryer. The deep fryer from Oxone itself is no less superior than other products.

In terms of design alone, this Oxone deep fryer displays a simple impression. Apart from that, the materials added to this deep fryer are also of high quality. So it lasts in the long term. Therefore, this can help you save your budget. Regarding price, Oxone OX-99FS is not that expensive, it is still considered pocket-friendly.

You can buy this kitchen equipment online or offline. Make sure you buy from the official shop so that you don’t feel any loss or even disappointment.

Specifications Presented by Oxone OX-99FS

In terms of specifications, the Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer has a large frying pan. If you want to cook in large quantities, this could be the best choice because it has a diameter of 19 cm with a pan height of 17 cm, a filter diameter of 16 cm, and a filter height of 11 cm.

Not only that, there is a basket with a handle that is perfect for sautéing vegetables, frying, and drying pasta. The aluminum material of this product is durable. This deep fryer also provides an oil filter. Using a frying pan from Oxone won’t take up your time. In just a matter of minutes, you and your family can enjoy delicious crispy food. Different from frying using a pan.

This deep fryer can cook food in its entirety, so the food will not be partially raw. This deep fryer is a cooking tool whose working process is to make the food in its entirety. So don’t be surprised if the food cooks evenly.

So, that was a review of the Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer kitchen equipment for your family’s food needs. The food is of higher quality and of course healthy.