5 Sophisticated Kitchen Equipment

emuler.info – In this modern era, we can easily find a variety of sophisticated kitchen equipment that can help us cook more effectively and efficiently. Not only does this make work easier, this equipment can also make cooking more fun.So, for those of you who like cooking or are renovating your kitchen, it’s a good idea to consider the following 5 sophisticated kitchen equipment. Guaranteed, by having these tools, you will be more comfortable and enthusiastic in the kitchen!

5 Sophisticated Kitchen Equipment

1. Multifunctional Cooking Machine (Multicooker)

One of the sophisticated kitchen equipment that you must have in this modern era is a multifunctional cooking machine or what is usually called a multicooker. This tool is becoming a trend among cooking lovers.

What is a multicooker? A multicooker is a kitchen appliance that can perform various functions at once, such as cooking rice, steaming, baking, cooking soup, making yogurt, and so on. So, with just one tool, you can cook various kinds of menus.

Some of the advantages of a multicooker include:

  • – Multifunctional: Can be used to cook rice, vegetables, meat, soup, even bake cakes.
  • – Time Saving: Faster and more efficient than manual cooking.
  • – Easy to Use: Equipped with an easy-to-understand digital control panel.
  • – Safe and Hygienic: Many are equipped with safety and anti-spill features.
  • – Practical: The design is compact and easy to carry everywhere.

Various well-known brands such as Instant Pot, Philips, Panasonic, and others already offer multicooker models that are sophisticated and complete with features. This is suitable for those of you who want your kitchen to be more organized and efficient.

2. Air Fryer

Apart from multicookers, another sophisticated kitchen equipment that is currently trending is the air fryer. This tool can be said to be an innovation from ordinary frying machines, but with more modern and healthy technology.

How does an air fryer work? This tool uses rapid air circulation technology to fry food at high temperatures and with little or no oil. As a result, the food is crispy and crunchy like fried, but much healthier.

Some of the advantages of air fryers include:

  • – Healthier: Reduces oil intake by up to 80% compared to regular frying.
  • – Practical: Just add the ingredients, set the temperature and timer, then wait.
  • – Fast: Able to produce food quickly and efficiently.
  • – Easy to Clean: The components can be washed easily.
  • – Various Menus: Can be used for frying, baking, even baking bread.

With an air fryer, you can still enjoy crispy fried food, without having to worry about high fat and cholesterol levels. Very suitable for those of you who want to live a healthier life.

3. Ice Cream Making Machine (Ice Cream Maker)

Who doesn’t like ice cream? So, if you are an ice cream fan, you must have an ice cream maker in your kitchen. With this tool, you can make healthy and delicious homemade ice cream.

The way an ice cream machine works is quite simple. You only need to prepare the basic ingredients for ice cream, such as cream, milk, sugar and flavorings, then put them in the machine container. This machine will shake and freeze the ice cream mixture automatically.

Some of the advantages of ice cream making machines include:

  • – Healthy and Hygienic: You can be sure of the ingredients used.
  • – Cheaper: Making your own ice cream will be much more economical than buying it.
  • – Various Variants: You can be creative with various flavors and appearances.
  • – Easy to Use: Just enter the ingredients and set the timer, the machine will work itself.

By having an ice cream maker, you can easily make your family’s favorite ice cream at any time. This is suitable for special events at home.

4. Food Processor

Next there is a food processor, a sophisticated cooking tool that is also a must-have in a modern kitchen. Food processors are already familiar to chefs and cooking lovers. This tool is very helpful for preparing and processing cooking ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Food processors are equipped with various blades and other accessories which enable them to be used for various functions, such as:

  • – Slicing, chopping, or chopping ingredients
  • – Smooth spices and puree
  • – Beat cake or bread dough
  • – Make jam or whole food mixture

With a food processor, you no longer need to bother cutting, slicing or grinding ingredients one by one manually. All material preparation processes can be done quickly and efficiently.

Various well-known brands such as Cuisinart, Kenwood, and Philips already offer food processors with advanced features. You can choose a model according to your needs and budget.

5. Smart Oven

Lastly, the sophisticated kitchen equipment that you must have in the modern era is a smart oven. One of the advantages of a smart oven compared to a conventional oven is that it has smart features that make it easier and more practical to use.

What smart features does a smart oven have?

  • – Digital Control: Smart ovens are equipped with a digital control panel making it easy to set temperature, time and cooking programs.
  • – Connectivity: Some smart oven models can connect to a smartphone or digital assistant, so you can control it from anywhere.
  • – Smart Sensors: There are sensors that can detect the type of food and adjust cooking settings automatically.
  • – Fast Heating: Most smart ovens have a faster heating system than conventional ovens.
  • – Various Functions: Apart from baking, smart ovens can also be used to cook, warm and even bake pizza.

With a smart oven, you can cook a variety of foods with more optimal results, without having to bother setting the temperature and time manually. Very suitable for those of you who want your kitchen to be more automated.

Choosing the Right Advanced Kitchen Equipment

So, those are 5 examples of sophisticated kitchen equipment that you must have in this modern era. All of these tools have smart features and can help you cook more effectively and efficiently.

So, how do you choose the right sophisticated kitchen equipment?

Here are some tips that you can apply:

1. Determine Needs: Before buying, first identify what your kitchen needs and daily cooking activities are. This will help determine the most appropriate tool.

2. Consider Features: Choose a tool that has advanced and useful features according to your needs. Don’t be tempted by excessive features if you don’t need them.

3. Check Reviews: Read reviews and reviews from other users to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

4. Adjust your budget: Determine the budget you have and look for the most suitable product. Don’t hesitate to look for options that are more affordable, but still meet your needs.

5. Think about maintenance: Make sure the equipment you buy is easy to clean and maintenance is not complicated. This will help maintain the long-term service life of the tool.

So, by applying the tips above, you can choose sophisticated kitchen equipment that is truly appropriate and useful to support cooking activities in your kitchen.


That’s a review of 5 sophisticated kitchen equipment that you must have in the modern era. Starting from multicookers, air fryers, ice cream machines, food processors, to smart ovens.

By having these five kitchen tools, you can prepare various kinds of food menus more effectively, efficiently and enjoyable. Not only does it make cooking activities easier, but it can also support a healthier lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately equip your kitchen with this sophisticated equipment and experience the ease and pleasure of cooking in the modern era. those are 5 Sophisticated Kitchen Equipment!