kitchen equipment – Hey, culinary friends! Do you want to cook more efficiently and have fun in the kitchen? Or maybe you are looking for kitchen equipment that can help reduce cooking time and effort? If the answer is yes, then you should consider having multi-purpose kitchen equipment.This versatile equipment can not only be used for a variety of tasks, but can also save space in your kitchen and of course money in your pocket. In this article, we will discuss several recommendations for multi-purpose kitchen equipment that you must have, along with tips and tricks for using them.

kitchen equipment

1. Pressure Cooker (Pressure Cooker)

A pressure cooker, or what is often called a pressure cooker, is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that is very popular and a must-have. By using steam pressure, this pan can speed up the cooking process up to 70% faster than cooking using conventional methods.

The main advantage of a pressure cooker is its ability to cook foods that require a long time, such as meat, beans, or tough vegetables, in a much shorter time. Apart from that, this pan can also save energy and maintain the nutrients and natural taste of food.

Tips for using a pressure cooker:

  • Follow the instructions for use carefully to maintain safety.
  • Never open the lid of the pot while it is under pressure.
  • Use enough fluid so that the pressure can build properly.
  • Clean valves and seals regularly to maintain pan performance.

2. Blender and Food Processor

Blenders and food processors are two multipurpose kitchen tools that can help you process various kinds of food ingredients. A blender is very useful for making smoothies, juices, creamy soups, or sauces, while a food processor can be used to chop, slice, stir, or even make bread dough.

By having a blender and food processor in the kitchen, you can easily prepare various kinds of dishes, from breakfast to dessert.

Tips for using a blender and food processor:

  • Make sure all components are installed correctly before using it.
  • Cut the ingredients into suitable sizes for easy processing.
  • Do not fill the container too full to avoid spillage.
  • Clean immediately after use to prevent food residue from drying out and sticking.

3. Multipurpose Pan (Multifunction Pan)

A multifunction pan, or multifunction pan, is a very practical choice for those who have a small kitchen or who often cook in small portions. This pan can be used for baking, frying, steam cooking, or even making pancakes and omelets.

Tips for using a multi-purpose frying pan:

  • Choose the size that suits your needs.
  • Use a plastic or wooden spatula to protect the non-stick coating.
  • Avoid keeping food in the pan for a long time.
  • Clean using a sponge or soft cloth and mild liquid soap.

4. Toaster (Bread Maker)

For those of you who love the smell and taste of fresh bread from the oven, a toaster is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that you must have. With this tool, you can make various types of bread, from white bread, wheat bread, to sweet bread, easily and without the hassle of stirring and kneading the dough manually.

Tips for using a toaster:

  • Follow the recipe and recommended measurements for optimal results.
  • Place the ingredients in the correct order according to the instructions.

5. Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker

Rice cookers and slow cookers are multi-purpose kitchen equipment that can help you prepare food easily and practically.The main advantage of these two pieces of equipment is their ease of use.

Tips for using rice cookers and slow cookers:

  • Follow the recommended measurements and instructions for perfect results.
  • Use liquid or stock to prevent food from drying out in the slow cooker.
  • Clean the equipment immediately after use to avoid food residue sticking to it and becoming petrified.

6. Multi-Purpose Pan (Multi-Cooker)

The multi-cooker, or multi-cooker, is a truly versatile kitchen appliance and very practical for those with limited kitchen space. This tool can function as a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, grill, and can even be used for frying without oil. With the features it has, you can cook various dishes more quickly and efficiently.

Tips for using a multi-purpose pan:

  • Carefully study all available functions and modes to maximize their use.
  • Follow the recommended recipe and instructions for optimal results.
  • Use the correct accessories according to the cooking task at hand.
  • Clean all parts carefully after use to maintain the durability of the tool.

7. Quality Non-Stick Equipment

While not specifically multi-purpose kitchen tools, having quality non-stick utensils can provide many benefits and make everyday cooking tasks easier. Non-stick frying pans, pans, and baking sheets can help you fry, bake, or cook with less oil or fat.

Tips for choosing and using non-stick utensils:

  • Use a plastic or wooden spatula to protect the non-stick coating.
  • Avoid using excessively high temperatures to prevent damage to the non-stick coating.
  • Clean with a soft sponge and mild liquid soap, avoid scourers or rough sponges.